Dark of the Moon Rose


Kill! Stab! Smash! Stab! Smash!
Smash! Cut his fucking throaght

Kill the beast and Spread his blood!
Fucking bastard! Why don’t YOU just die?

Don’t look hehind you! Don’t even dare
of showing mercy to the little crying offsprings
They’re next! Them with their red hair
and sky like eyes!


And why in the world would you want him
You do not need to fight for his love
you do not have to fight for him
He’ll always be there in the shadow
Waiting for you! Will he?

So go on! Have fun! Waiste yourself
Among the the first bourn of the demons
Play With the light of your blue eyes
Play! Play! Give yourself to the world!


Will you marry me?

She started packing things along the room;
While he was waiting on his knees
He thought he’ll never see her smile again
Got scared; than horrified he’d loose her –
So time was given for a choice – no repent
And then, when he’d expect it less
He saw the ring onto her hand – so shiny

the kiss

he’s waited so long for this kiss, a carnage
A feast between the dark and the holy
Each craving for the battle within

So he took her closer and closer,
grabbing her back with his claws;
cutting her flesh with his nails –
And he bit her neck till It drew blood
Such a feast in his thoughts
yet nothing but a small. sigh…