The Craving

The Craving

If only I could crawl into this heart
Make it a home! make it a heaven…
I crave it… I crave it! desire… and,
the most, I humbly fear this
If I can’t have… than may the night
be cold! Forever dark, and darker moons…

I do not dare to break this world of yours
Could it be understood; never to see…
Yet every moment seems another drop
A cup of venom; this snake is drowning
every little part – the ever wondering soul…

Pick up the glass! Observer, don’t let this fade
see if it’s worthy of your heart! See if this worlds
collided will give birth to other stars and dream!
I gladly stay! I’m opened! So cut it open
if this would satisfy the need to know!

And I would drink this cup of venom; gladly!
If happines would bring to; yet even death
She’s weak! She has no powers over
The dreams I bear for this white rose…

Forever sealed the lips until the day
a kiss would break the word and set it free…
Would you, observer, be the one? 

Cirjan Dragos
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